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Support Us

There are many ways in which you can support both SCOT and communities in Sri Lanka

Come along to one of our events

At some point you’ve had to sell tickets for a concert, a raffle, a quiz night – and I’m sure you’ll remember the frustration of having to plead and beg your friends and family to support your cause. Why not then buy a ticket to our next event and save us the angst of worrying if enough people will turn up on the night? It’s for a good cause and the food will be great – what more of reason do you need?

Volunteer with SCOT

Why not come along to our meetings and volunteer with us? We’re always keen to hear from people who want to get more involved with SCOT. Hearing new perspectives from people with different backgrounds and skills helps to broaden our thinking and challenges us to be better at what we do. Fill out our membership form or send an email to our Secretary to see how you can contribute to our work.

Through the years we have supported a number of Sri Lankan organisations including:

Spread the news about SCOT's work to your friends and family

We think there is such a huge need to keep talking about our poor and marginalised in Sri Lanka. As we’ve made clear in the website – the war may be over, but the consequences for the people who have lived through it will remain throughout this generation and many more to come. If you can’t help us f inancially, or even by volunteering your time, just letting others know about the good work that SCOT does would be encouragement enough for us.