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War Widows Livelihood Projects

Currently, there are over 90,000 woman-headed families in the North and East. The breadwinners generally comprise war widows and single parents (husbands in military custody or have deserted, or raped victims). Hundreds of them are physically challenged. Many of them belong to the lowest of the lowly section of the society in the North and East and, being women, are also the most vulnerable.

SCOT proposes to fund some Projects that will support these vulnerable families. The Projects will be carried out in two phases:

  • Phase 1 - Motivate the formation of small self-help groups, each consisting of 15-20 war widows / single parents; Empower them through training in skills (needed for their chosen livelihood ventures) and small business management
  • Phase 2 - Provide equipment and/or facilities to operate their chosen ventures; Conduct regular monitoring of the working of the groups, and provide further help where needed, to ensure the sustainability of the groups and their ventures.

Working together as a group will give greater strength to the members, a sense of comradeship and most importantly accountability to each other.

SCOT works with selected, long established local partners in North and East Sri Lanka, who have proven track records in establishing similar projects during the last 12 months. The recently completed projects have cost Rs 200,000 per self-help group, which covers field staff salary, travelling expense and supply of equipment / facilities. The already established self-help groups have increased the income per family from their initial Rs 3,500 per month to over Rs 12,000.

Special Needs children

Through ORHAN, SCOT has contributed to the annual rehabilitation of special needs children attending the ‘Puthuvazhvu Poonka’ training centre in Vavuniya. The training centre provides children with nutritional supplements, medical screening checks, physiotherapy, speech therapy, provision of sign language classes and vocational training to name a few of their valuable services.

Relief and rehabilitation support

Over the last couple of years, the majority of our annual budget has gone to organisations providing immediate life saving activities for the war affected communities in the North and East of the country. The activities implemented by our partners have included food distribution, nutritional supplements for pregnant mothers, provision of clothes, mats and other non-food items and the running of medical camps. Following this, rehabilitation support to communities to enable them to restart their livelihoods is essential. SCOT has supported CWD to buy simple items such as notebooks, pens and bicycles for school children and funding for women to start small businesses.

Siddha Medicine Unit, University of Jaffna

This project supported the setting up of a medicinal herb garden in the Jaffna Town area by staff from Jaffna University at Kaithady. The Siddha medicine students at the university felt that the development of an indigenous herb garden was necessary for teaching purposes as well as to protect these rare local herbs from extinction. Local knowledge together with the location of these medicinal herbs throughout the district was being lost due to widespread and frequent displacement of the population.

SCOT Scholarship Fund

In 2009, SCOT established a scholarship fund for students in the Eastern Province. A-Level students who face financial difficulties to pay for their education but who show academic potential are chosen from all three faith groups (Muslim, Hindu and Christian) through a respected panel of religious leaders.

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