Become a Volunteer

The story of SCOT is a story about people – the people in need whom we support and the people who give freely of their time and resources to help provide that support.

We think you will find it rewarding to be part of our story as a supporter and look forward to welcoming you on board. There are many ways that you can get involved:

You can volunteer to work with SCOT in Sri Lanka

Whether you are permanently based in Sri Lanka or visit there from time to time, we welcome people visiting communities in northern, central and eastern Sri Lanka on our behalf to identify needs, to report on the progress of SCOT-supported initiatives and to provide hands-on support if possible.

You can volunteer to work with SCOT in the UK

Our fundraising efforts need all the help they can get with organisation and delivery, so whether you can plan events, or can sing or dance for an audience, or can design websites or can serve food or fold flyers, all your efforts to help us help those in need are welcomed by SCOT.

You can publicly show your support for SCOT

You can attend our fundraising events; you can persuade your family and friends to become involved with SCOT; you can promote SCOT to other groups with whom you are involved; you can even just buy SCOT raffle tickets.

You can become a Member of SCOT

Even if you do not feel you have much time or money to give, becoming a Member of SCOT allows you to contribute to our good work via a small monthly membership donation that can add up to a lot of help over the years, plus voting on the leadership team and on policy matters at the Annual General Meeting.

You can make a special, more substantial donation to SCOT

Larger donations to SCOT are welcome, either to our general fund or to help a particular initiative, perhaps in memory of a loved one who had a special place for northern, central or eastern Sri Lanka in their heart; the names of donors will be gratefully publicised with their consent.

If nothing else, you can share your ideas and knowledge with SCOT

We always welcome input from people who have knowledge or understanding of what help is needed by and can be provided to struggling Tamils in northern, central and eastern Sri Lanka; please contact us via email in the first instance using the details on our website.