How we are organised

The General Council (GC) decides strategy and manages the affairs of SCOT. It has up to 31 members, including the President and eight other officers, three elected Trustees, two immediate past presidents and 17 further members. GC members’ terms vary but all are elected at the appropriate time from the wider SCOT membership at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). GC convenes at least nine times a year, usually every month except during December and during the month when the AGM is held. Membership is open to any person who subscribes to SCOT’s objectives.
The task of implementing GC strategy and decisions rests primarily with the President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Projects officer. Members of this executive group together with other elected officers also handle the administrative work of the GC. Similarly, every application for funding received is considered and appropriate action is authorised at a GCM. Members of the executive group and the three Trustees elected at AGM are Trustees of SCOT.
SCOT places emphasis on openness and accountability in management of its affairs. Details of income and expenditure are presented at every General Council Meeting (GCM) for scrutiny and approval. At end of each financial year, the year’s Accounts audited by an independent external auditor are presented at the AGM.