Standing Committee of Tamil Speaking People (S C O T)
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President’s Message

Greetings! Welcome to the SCOT website. We hope the few minutes you spend looking through the contents here will help you appreciate our efforts and encourage you to support us.

SCOT is one of the older Tamil organisations in the United Kingdom. Its main function is support and assistance to the disadvantaged Tamil-speaking people of Sri Lanka.

Our activities have aimed to address the changing and urgent needs of our people and fund projects that are appropriate at that time to alleviate the hardships faced. In the early days, the main activities of SCOT were poverty alleviation and assistance to victims of violence & natural disasters. In the 1980s and '90s, assistance to victims of the ethnic war was the major preoccupation. More recently helping the Internally Displaced People ( IDP’s) after the war. In this general context, the SCOT mission has been the provision of help and assistance to some of the most disadvantaged amongst the long-suffering people of the NorthEast.

In these tasks, SCOT always works with partner organisations that are close to their local communities in the NorthEast of Sri Lanka. Its funding policy is at all times in keeping with the needs and priorities of these communities, and on the basis of application of available resources to where the need is greatest. SCOT does not engage in any form of partisan political activity nor is it affiliated to any political party or group.

To gain further insight into SCOT and its activities, I invite you to visit further pages in this site. After you have persued these pages, if you would like to help SCOT with offers of support, assistance, or would like to discuss matters further, please do contact me or another member of our executive group. Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Best Regards,

Vijay Indran